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The Irish Baroque Orchestra (IBO) is a small and vibrant organisation that offers a totally unique musical experience within the Irish arts landscape. 

Passionate about transporting the listener back through history, we have been bringing “time-travel” to our audiences since 1996 through the use of historical instruments. 

Led by Artistic Director Peter Whelan, the IBO's identity is akin to a living research hub, where current scholarship and new discoveries shape our work. This unique identity carries privilege and responsibility; the privilege of bringing history to life and sharing our love of it with audiences in as inclusive a way as possible, and the responsibility of ensuring its sustainability for years to come.


The IBO is committed to artistic excellence for public benefit through an open and inclusive culture which places music first and finds strength in diversity. 

The artistic ambitions of the organisation are underpinned by common values of respect, transparency, communication and a commitment to a shared vision for the orchestra. 

With your support, we can ensure that the music of Ireland's past continues to inspire and uplift audiences for generations to come.


We are advocates for Ireland’s very own classical music heritage, bringing audiences along in reclaiming a newly-discovered corner of our shared cultural identity. 

As Ireland’s flagship Baroque orchestra we share our love of period performance with audiences across the country, seeking to secure a central place for the artform in the national consciousness. To ensure sustainability for generations to come, the orchestra works with talented young musicians, supporting their growth and development within a thriving and supportive atmosphere, built on a shared enthusiasm for this corner of musical history.


The IBO’s inspiration lies in the flourishing musical hub of Dublin in the mid eighteenth-century, full of talent and adventure. Handel’s visit to Dublin in 1742 will forever be associated with the premiere of ‘Messiah’ - a historic moment that became both the centrepiece and the launchpad of the IBO’s artistic mission. 

A world of new and innovative music was born - letters and programmes from the time reveal the calibre of musicians residing in the city, with celebrities drawn to Ireland from all over Europe. Though Handel is the best-known of these today, the IBO also tells the stories of figures such as Matthew Dubourg, Giusto Tenducci, Mr Charles the Hungarian, and Rachel Baptist. 

The spirit of rediscovery lies at the heart of the IBO’s mission, with voices from history continuing to fire our imaginations today. 

All donations received support our work in future seasons, including:

  • Dublin HandelFest
  • Our Irish heritage recording cycle on Linn Records 
  • Our portfolio of education and participation initiatives, including concert for children and workshops for refugees
  • Our Apprentice pathway, supporting the next generation of young professionals